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When vulnerable individuals are not able to make their own good, responsible medical, personal and financial decisions, Cindi Spence helps by getting a substitute decision maker appointed through the courts, or developing a less restrictive strategy that will make sure they are safe and protected.  Examples of people who need guardianship assistance range from a child who is turning 18 and has challenges such as ADHD, learning disabilities or other cognitive or behavioral disabilities; an elderly individual suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease; or individuals with mental illnesses or other debilitating illnesses.

Does your loved one need a Guardian or Conservator?

  • Is your disabled child turning 18 and in need of a legal guardian to help with living and medical decisions?
  • Is your aging parent suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and no longer able to make safe, responsible personal and financial decisions?
  • Has someone that you love been in a car accident and is now in a coma and unable to make medical or financial decisions?
  • Is your elderly parent refusing to go to a nursing home, even though he is unsafe at home?
  • Is a vulnerable adult in your life being exploited, financially or emotionally?

In many of these situations,  your loved one may need a Guardian or Conservator.

Why Cindi?

Cindi A. Spence has over 20 years of guardianship and conservatorship law experience and can help guide you through the guardianship process, which is often times stressful and complicated. She handles guardianship cases throughout the State of Minnesota, with discounted rates for travel time.  Cindi represents petitioners, wards, guardians and conservators in all phases of the guardianship and conservatorship process. She handles both contested and uncontested guardianship and conservatorship actions throughout the entire state of Minnesota. Check out Spence Legal’s Minnesota Guardianship and Conservatorship blog for information and resources about Minnesota guardianship law.

If someone you know has questions about guardianships and conservatorships, please share Cindi’s informational handout  and urge them to contact Cindi in regard to their situation.