Guardianship and Conservatorship Responsibilities in Minnesota

Wondering what is involved in being a Guardian and/or Conservator for someone in Minnesota?  Check out the Guardianship and Conservatorship video created for the 4th Judicial District (this is required viewing to be a guardian or conservator in Hennepin County):


Are guardianship proceedings in Minnesota public?

The default is that guardianship and conservatorship proceedings in Minnesota are public.  However guardianship hearings may be closed to the public in some situations.  Minnesota Statute 524.5-307 allows the court to close the hearing “upon the request of the respondent and a showing of good cause.”  Examples of when a request to close a hearing would be appropriate include: when the circumstances leading to the guardianship petition are extremely sensitive in nature – either because of medical conditions or behaviors alleged to be exhibited by the Respondent or others involved in the hearing.

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