My Minnesota Conservator

Spence Legal can help Minnesota conservators in the following ways:

  • Assist with the creation of a MMC account
  • Help with designating Cindi as a “Designated Agent” so that she can assist with preparation of the necessary accounts
  • Prepare an Inventory
  • Prepare Annual Accountings
  • Prepare Final Accountings
  • Work with the CAAP Auditors when your account is audited
  • Represent the Conservator at Court hearings relating to the accountings
  • Provide consultation on any MMC issues that arise

Whether you just need help with a specific question on MMC, or need someone to completely prepare your required reports, Spence Legal can help.  Cindi’s undergraduate degree was a BSBA in Accounting, so she has an understanding of what is needed for the accountings. In addition, she has been designated agent on many conservatorships and assisted with the preparation of inventories, annual accounts and final accounts.

If you need more detailed information on pricing and representation on issues related to My Minnesota Conservator and conservatorship accounting issues in Minnesota, contact Cindi Spence at Spence Legal Services at (763) 682-2247 to further discuss your needs.

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