Minnesota’s Aging Population

I came across this FABULOUS interactive table about Minnesota’s aging population created by the folks at Face Aging MN.  Very interesting to play around with it and see the expected growth/aging by county.  When I look at it, it highlights the need for us to put in place more services for our aging residents, as well as for those who provide care for our residents. Kudos to Face Aging MN for this valuable resource!


Aging Data Profiles of Minnesota’s Population

The Minnesota Department of Human Services’ website has a very cool new tool that provides demographic and service data for regional, statewide and county levels.

The profiles include the following demographic and service data points. Each point is a separate tab on the dashboard:

  • AGE – total population by age
  • DIVERSITY – total population by race and ethnicity
  • LIVING ALONE – persons age 65+ living alone
  • POVERTY – persons age 65+ in poverty
  • DEPENDENCY – old-age dependency ratio
  • CAREGIVER – family caregiver ratio
  • SPENDING – long-term services and supports expenditures
  • HIGHER NEEDS – persons served with higher needs
  • UTILIZATION – nursing home bed utilization

Here’s the link to the Minnesota Department of Human Services Aging Data Profiles dashboard. 

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