Resource: Adult Guardianship Court Data and Issues

Looking for a great resource on the current issues facing adult guardianships in the Courts around the United States?   The results of an online survey are compiled in the Adult Guardianship Court Data and Issues report, which was put together by the Conference of Chief Judges,  the Conference of State Court Administrators and the Center for Elders in the Courts.  It highlights the increased need for adult guardianships, as well as the demand for individuals to act as professional guardians.  Both of these are issues that I know we do see in Minnesota, Wright County (where my office, Matt Legal Services, is located).  I don’t see the issue of lack of professional guardians being resolved any time soon, with the budget crisis our Minnesota Court System is facing.  Instead, I think more family members (i.e. unpaid guardians) will need to step up to the plate and take on the responsibility of becoming guardian for their aging loved one.