National Guardianship Association: Information and Resources

The National Guardianship Association has redesigned its website. It continues to be a valuable resource for information relating to guardianships and conservatorships across the whole United States, including resources and information relating to current issues surrounding guardianships and conservatorships. Don’t forget about this valuable resource if you are looking for information about guardianships on the national level. If you want information on guardianships or conservatorships in Minnesota, please contact experienced guardianship attorney Cindi Spence Matt at Matt Legal Services.

New Report: Alzheimer’s From The Front Lines

The NAPA (National Alzheimer’s Project Act) issued it’s new report addressing the 10 key issues that they believe must be addressed in a National Alzheimer’s Plan. The report, called: Alzheimer’s From the Front Lines: Challenges a National Plan Must Address can be found on the Alzheimer’s Association’s website (and a link is also provided here). The report was prepared based upon the input of over 43,000 people from across the United States, who shared their insight, experiences and hardships. The 10 key issues which emerged that must be addressed by the National Alzheimer’s Project include:

  1. A lack of public awareness
  2. Insufficient research funding
  3. Difficulties with diagnosis
  4. Poor dementia care
  5. Inadequate treatments
  6. Specific challenges facing diverse communities
  7. Specific challenges facing those with younger-onset Alzheimer’s
  8. Unprepared caregivers
  9. Ill-equipped communities
  10. Mounting Costs
To see facts and statistics about how Alzheimer’s impacts Minnesotans, based upon the input they provided into the report, see here. In Minnesota in 2010, there were 94,000 people 65 years and older with Alzheimer’s. In Minnesota in 2010, there were 237,441 caregivers who provided unpaid care valued at over $3.2 billion.
For more information on the National Alzheimer’s Plan, visit

Who are “Interested Persons” in a Minnesota Guardianship?

“Interested Persons” are entitled to notice of a guardianship or conservatorship petition, annual guardianship filings, and many other proceedings in Minnesota guardianships and conservatorships. But who are “Interested Persons” in a Guardianship or Conservatorship proceeding?

Minn. Stat. 524.5-102 provides definitions for the Uniform Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Act, Minn. Stat. sections 524.5-101- 524.5-502. Interested Persons are defined in subdivision 7, as follows:

Subd. 7.Interested person.

“Interested person” includes:

(i) the ward, protected person, or respondent;

(ii) a nominated guardian or conservator, or the duly appointed guardian or conservator;

(iii) legal representative;

(iv) the spouse, parent, adult children and siblings, or if none of such persons is living or can be located, the next of kin of the ward, protected person, or respondent;

(v) an adult person who has lived with a ward, protected person, or respondent for a period of more than six months;

(vi) an attorney for the ward or protected person;

(vii) a governmental agency paying or to which an application has been made for benefits for the respondent, ward, or protected person, including the county social services agency for the person’s county of residence and the county where the proceeding is venued;

(viii) a representative of a state ombudsman’s office or a federal protection and advocacy program that has notified the court that it has a matter regarding the ward, protected person, or respondent;

(ix) a health care agent or proxy appointed pursuant to a health care directive as defined in section 145C.01, a living will under chapter 145B, or other similar document executed in another state and enforceable under the laws of this state; and

(x) any other person designated by the court.

If you would like more information about Guardianships or Conservatorships in Minnesota, please contact experienced guardianship attorney Cindi S. Matt at Matt Legal Services.