New Procedures in Hennepin County Probate Court

Court Opinions

For those of you practicing in Hennepin County Probate/Mental Health Court, please note the following announcement, which was released yesterday:

Effective June 2, 2015, the Probate/Mental Health Division will change how probate cases are scheduled on commencing and account hearing calendars. When commencing or account hearing petitions are filed, they will be scheduled on the following days:

 Formal Estates (Commencing) – Monday mornings

 Guardian/Conservator (Commencing & Accounts)– Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings

 Trusts(Commencing & Accounts) – Wednesday afternoons

The filing party must include either a cover letter with the petition or must add a comment in the EFS envelope when documents are efiled specifying dates that will not work for his/her schedule, if conflicts exist. If no dates are specified, court administration will assume the matter may be scheduled on any date. The filing party will be notified of the date on which the petition is scheduled as soon as possible. Court hearings are typically scheduled to be heard within 45 to 60 days of receipt of the petition.

Effective immediately, all attorneys are required to file Certificates of Representation pursuant to Gen. R. of Prac. 104.

Questions may be referred to Court Administration at 612-348-3244.