Spence Legal Services has moved!

Spence Legal Services has moved to a new location in Minnetonka.

Our new mailing address is:

12800 Whitewater Drive, Suite 100

Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343

Our phone number and email addresses remain the same:


(763) 682-2247

Cindi continues to provide representation to individuals and families throughout Minnesota in the area of guardianships and conservatorships.  If you or your loved one need information on establishing a guardianship or conservatorship for a vulnerable adult, a “child” turning 18 or a minor who is the recipient of an inheritance or settlement, please reach out to Cindi to discuss your situation.

10 Signs Your Loved One May Need a Guardian

10 Signs Your Loved One May Need A Guardian

  1.  He lacks good judgment on how to keep himself safe.
  2.  She cannot reliably take her own medications.
  3.  He gets lost in places that were once very familiar to him.
  4.  She does things around the house that are dangerous – like leaving the burner on after cooking.
  5.  He responds to mail or calls that are obviously scams.
  6.  She insists on driving, even though it’s likely no longer safe for her to do so.
  7.  He has become very forgetful – missing appointments, forgetting events, etc.
  8.  She is frequently late – or completely misses – paying bills, taxes, etc.
  9.  He is no longer able to balance his checkbook.
  10.  She is falling and dismissing it as a one-off event.

If these sorts of things are happening to your parent, spouse or family member, he or she may be in need of a guardian to help him/her make good decisions and keep him/her safe.

Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC)

I am frequently asked by potential clients what they can do if they suspect that their loved one is being abused, exploited or engaging in self-neglect. In Minnesota, there is a central number that handles intake for adult maltreatment reports.  The reporting system is called “MAARC” (Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center).  The phone number is: 1-844-880-1574

The center screens all calls and gets them to the appropriate investigative agency.  If you suspect that an adult you know and love is being abused or neglecting him/her self, call today.  MAARC is open/available 24/7.