Filing Inventory In Minnesota Conservatorships

You’ve been appointed as Conservator for the protected person.  Now what?  You must figure out what assets the protected person has and prepare an inventory.  The forms for the inventory and oath can be found on the Minnesota Court website.   Minnesota Statute 524.5-419 governs the inventory that must be filed.  It provides, in pertinent part:


(a) Within 60 days after appointment, a conservator shall prepare and file with the appointing court a detailed inventory of the estate subject to the conservatorship, together with an oath or affirmation that the inventory is believed to be complete and accurate as far as information permits.


Minnesota Statute 524.5-419 also governs records retention for the conservator.  It provides, in pertinent part:


(b) A conservator shall keep records of the administration of the estate and make them available for examination on reasonable request of the court, ward, protected person, or any attorney representing such persons.

If you have specific questions about the requirements of filing an inventory or keeping records, contact experienced guardianship attorney Cindi Spence Matt.