A Day of Reflection

September 11th.

A day to remember the 2,966 people who lost their lives in the terrorist attack on our country.

A day to remember the 6,000+ people who were injured in the attacks.

A day to remember the thousands of people who weren’t killed or injured in the attacks, but whose lives were irrevocably changed that day, because a loved one was killed or injured.

A day to remember how the country came together to help each other on the day of the attack and in the days after the attack – regardless of our political differences, the color of our skin or our religious beliefs.

A day to reflect on the things that we hold dear – friends, family, relationships.

A day to remember that little things can make a difference – a smile, a kind word, a note of encouragement.

My hope for today is that everyone can reflect on the values and things that they hold dear and find a way to nurture those values and cherish those things each and every day.

Peace and love to all of you.