A Call For Inclusion and Compassion to Disabled Kids AND Their Parents

I’ve been loving Nora McInerny’s podcast, Terrible Thanks For Asking.  I especially loved her most recent episode about “Baby Huey” – a 9 year old boy with Fragile X. The episode talks about the challenges of raising Huey.  But it also addresses the challenges of parenting Huey.  Give it a listen.  And, like Nora, I challenge each and every one of you to smile at, talk to and INCLUDE disabled children and their families. Good stuff. Here’s the link to the Baby Huey episode.

Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC)

Effective July 1, 2015, Minnesota will have a new reporting system for the public, and mandated reporters, to report suspected abuse of vulnerable adults.

The Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC) will be a centralized place for the public to call in reports of suspected abuse.  It will be staffed 24/7.  When calls come in, the intake person will send the information about the suspected abuse to the appropriate lead investigative agency.  This should eliminate confusion about where and who people should call.  Mandated reporters, such as law enforcement, educators, doctors and nurses, will be able to submit reports of suspected abuse through a new web-based system.

The number to call at MAARC if you suspect abuse of a vulnerable adult is:  1-844-880-1574.

Detailed information on MAARC can be found on the Department of Human Services website.