Minnesota Guardian and Conservator Registry

Have you ever wanted to find out how many other cases a particular guardian or conservator has served on in the past?

Have you wanted to find out the current caseload of a particular guardian or conservator?
Have you wanted to know the particular files on which a guardian or conservator is serving?

You may now search for this information in the new Minnesota Guardian and Conservator Registry, implemented by the Minnesota Judicial Branch. The Guardian and Conservator Registry is a searchable database, listing inactive and active cases for each individual (or company) guardian and conservator.  You can narrow your search by name, case number, county, judicial district and active or inactive cases.  After doing so a report will be generated listing each of the cases that fit within your parameters.
The Minnesota Guardian and Conservator Registry is mandated by Minn. Stat. 524.5-119 , which required the state court administrator to establish a central registration system for guardians and conservators on or before July 1, 2013.  While much of this information was already accessible through MNCIS, this new central registry is much easier to use and more easily accessible for the general public.

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