MyMNConservator (MMC) Replaces CAMPER

ready_set_goTomorrow is the big day for My Minnesota Conservator (MyMNConservator or MMC) to launch and replace the CAMPER electronic reporting system.   The system promises to be much more user friendly.  Patience will be required at the outset, as I am sure there will be some glitches and a learning curve.  If you require the assistance of an attorney, please feel free to call Cindi A. Spence at Spence Legal Services at (763)682-2247.


What do you need to know to use MMC?**

  • There will be tutorial videos for MMC available on You Tube.
  • In order to use MMC you must first create an account.  You need an email address to do this.  This will be your log in for MyCourtMN, which will have additional features in the future.
  • In order to register a case (a conservatorship file), you must enter the file number EXACTLY as it appears in MNCIS, with dashes included.  If it is an older case, the last digits have to be six.
  • You will need to then enter the anniversary reporting date.  If you have already previously filed an annual account, your date will be the period end date on the last filed account.  If you have not yet filed an inventory, it will be the date of the Letters of Conservatorship (which will be the date that the Letters are filed).
  • You will have to manually fill out an Inventory – you cannot use a CSV.
  • The assets from CAMPER were not able to transfer to MMC, so the first time you enter information about a case you will need to create a conversion inventory.  You do this by using the assets and numbers from the last annual account.
  • For personal property do not enter a value less than $500.
  • If you want an attorney or other agent to help you with your accounting, you will need to designate her as a Designated Agent.  This process is simpler in MMC – you do not need to fill out a form and send it in and wait for the Court to allow access anymore.  Instead, there is a clickable area (a pencil) where you are able to add someone as your designated agent.  The Designated Agent has  a separate log in.
  • Personal Well Being Reports must be filed with the court via paper (or e-file if that is available in your district), NOT through MMC.

Stay tuned for additional blog posts with tips and tricks for using MMC.

**MMC is a work in progress.  The information in this blog post may change.  If you have questions, consult with MMC at (763)279-0176


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